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The Galway Chest Clinic was established by Dr. Hilary McLoughlin in 2010 to provide specialist care for patients with respiratory & general medical conditions.

We are situated at the Galway Clinic and Bon Secours Hospitals and have access to a range of the best diagnostics and consultants available.

We pride ourselves on our rapport with patients, and our approach is personable as well as professional. The Galway Chest Clinic offers an excellent standard of respiratory and medical care which is fast and efficient.

We offer the highest level of service and provide patients with a thorough assessment as well as comprehensive follow up.

Patients can be referred, if necessary, to a wide range of highly qualified consultants in other fields. We provide care to patients with general medical conditions as well as respiratory conditions. Clients have access to state of the art facilities as inpatients or outpatients at the Bons Secours hospital and Galway Clinic.

The Galway Chest Clinic offers a range of services in order to provide clients with a holistic aproach to care. These include sleep studies, pulmonary rehabilitation, bronchoscopy, and smoking cessation.

We at the Galway Chest Clinic are committed to providing ongoing patient information and health promotion through our website and links to other organisations.