Asthma - Providing consultancy & treatments for COPD, shortness of breath, lung cancer, asthma, fatigue, tiredness, and pulmonary rehabilitation here at the Galway Chest Clinic

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The Galway Chest Clinic offers:

  • A comprehensive review of Asthma diagnosis and treatment
  • Assessment of exercise-induced Asthma
  • Treatment and education according to international guidelines
  • Access to lung function tests in an accredited laboratory
  • Access to allergy testing
  • Personalised Asthma Action Plans
  • A holistic approach


How controlled is your Asthma?

Patients with controlled asthma:

Have NO daytime symptoms

Have NO limitation of exercise

Have NO night time symproms

Need reliever meds less than TWICE A WEEK

Have normal breathing tests.

Have no asthma attacks




Patients with only partly controlled asthma:

Have daytime symptoms more than TWICE A WEEK

Have some limitation of activities

May have NIGHT TIME WAKENING with asthma

Use a reliever inhaler more than TWICE A WEEK

Score less than 80% on breathing tests

Have one or more exacerbations of asthma per year


Patients with unconrolled asthma:

Have THREE OR MORE features of partly controlled asthma in any one week (see above)



Patients who have been diagnosed with asthma will be given a tailor made asthma management plan.

You will likely be asked to keep a Peak Flow diary in order to record how fast the air can be blown out of the lungs.

You can download a copy of the Peak Flow Diary by clicking here


Using the peak flow diary:

Each morning and evening before you take your medication, measure your peak flow using your peak flow meter. Do this 3 times and record your HIGHEST result by plotting the number on the graph.


By joining the dots you will be able to see how your asthma varies from day to day.


Link to the Irish  Asthma Society

LInk to Asthma UK