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Sleep Study Information

If your doctor has asked you to have a sleep study you will be admitted to the hospital overnight.

The test equipment will be put on by the nurse before you want to go to sleep. This will measure many aspects of your sleep and breathing overnight.

A tube by your nose and mouth will measure your breathing.

Little sticky pads will be attached to your chest to measure your heart rate.

A band will be put around your chest and another around your abdomen to measure your breathing.

There is a box attached to one of these to which all wires attach.

A probe will be put on the end of one of your fingers to measure your oxygen levels.

Sticky pads will be attached to your legs to measure how much you move your legs at night.


The equipment shouldn't make you alter your sleeping position although it does take a while to get used to it.

Nothing should be too uncomfortable or painful about this test, although there may feel like there are alot of wires until you get used to it.

The equipment will be removed at around 8am.

The data is then analysed and given to your consultant.

Someone will speak to you about the results of the test as soon as possible but the complexity of the data sometimes means that this takes a few


If you have any worries about doing the test please tell us as somebody will be able to discuss your concerns and help you through them.